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Safety Deposit Box Rental

Keep all of your valuable and important belongings in a safe place.  Your possessions are protected from fire, flood, theft and loss.  Boxes come in various sizes and are available for a small annual fee.  Click on the Service Charges link above to see sizes and pricing at each of our locations.


Wire Transfers

We provide wire transfer services for our customers.  If you need to transfer money swiftly and securely, a wire transfer is a simple solution.  Contact our bookkeeping department to obtain the information you need to send or receive a wire transfer. 


Night Deposit

Do you find it difficult to get to the Bank before it closes?  State Bank of Delphos offers secure night deposit service for your convenience.  Drop off your deposit, loan payment or other banking transactions in the Night Depository box located in the drive-thru area of any of our three locations.  Your transaction will be completed and posted to your account on the next business day.  


Bank by Mail

Don’t let living out of town stop you from banking with us.  You can make deposits and loan payments with our easy and convenient Bank by Mail service.  We will provide you with a standard green envelope and check carrier that securely travel back and forth between the Bank and you via U.S. postal mail.  Contact our bookkeeping department for your Bank by Mail supplies today!  

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